10 Things I Hate The Most

Sunday, October 3, 2010
For the last post I have reveal the truth about myself in "10 facts about Me,Myself and I",for this week I will talk about "10 Things I Hate The Most". As a normal human kind there must be the things that we like and also that we hate,mostly the things that we hate, we do not want to face it again and again in our daily life, they are also known as 'the nightmare' for some of us.To me, the listed things is not a nightmare, but the thing that I do not want it to come near me or even appear in front of me. The 10 things I hate the most are:-

1) Cockroach and lizard.

- Cockroach and lizard is the most amused creature ever, they live in a dirty environment and life besides the dirty thing that they eat. That is slightly gross,with the cockroach antenna moving around it makes the creature look more ugly. The lizard are also the same, it is the most hardest to die compared to cockroach, the tail still move around even thought it have split from the main body.If I found a cockroach and lizard near by me, I will definitely scream loudly and jump around to make sure that it will not came near me.

2) Faker

-I hate fakers, now a days it really hard to find an honest person that we can trust fully. Fakers has a lot of different mask that they can used to play their drama. They will do anything to attract our attention and they are truly expert in making story,bravo. For this fakers, I feel poor to them because they do not have their own identity, courage even the true personality,pity them. They only know how to copy others instead of finding their true self. They can turn out to be the angel one and the devil one in just a minute.

3) People like to talk bad about others

- All of us are not a perfect person, as a normal human being we might do some silly mistakes without we notice. We might hurt our love one and the closest people around us. Its okay to do some mistakes as we are not perfect. People that guilty is more honor then the one that talks bad about others. Sometimes I can not understand why this type of people still exist in this modern world. They only know how to complaint about others without looking at them first. Why they want to judge others, and who they think they are? Angel? The most perfect person on earth?Take a lot look at yourself clearly before you judge others.Do not judge a book by its cover.

4) Hot temper or serious person

- Seriously, I do not like this type of person, hot temper and serious person. This type of person way too contra then my personality which is the cheerful . To me, this hot temper and serious type of person did not know how to appreciate life, and their life must be bored. It full with emptiness and theres no colors for each day.They are quite bored to hang out with, plus with their attitude,angry and fierce all the time, they must be lack of friends. People will feel scared to talk to them even stay close to them. This type of people should change their personality and they just need to smile and chill for a while, put their hot temper aside.

5) Messy and dirty environment.

- I hate messy and dirty environment. Since I was a child, my parents have teach me to take a good care of my cloth, my room, and hygiene. This is the important thing in life because it will reflect your attitude and personalities,always said by my dad.Cleanliness is the important rules at our house. I will always make sure that my thing are at the proper place, clean from any dust and my clothes are well iron. I always make sure that my shirt are well iron even just to wear it at home. Its not because I am a fussy girl, it just that I love clean and tidy place.

6) Unfriendly person

-Some people are too hard to talk with or communicate . They do not know how to make a friend or be friend. They are unfriendly with others, and some are way too choosy about friends. I do not like this 'unfriendly person' because they cannot express them self, you such a lier if you said you can live alone and you do not need anybody to be your friend in this world.Your life are way too bored. To me friends is one of the most important people in life, they are my place to laugh, to enjoy, share every special moment with and a place to talk to. Life without a friend is just like an empty box.

7)Getting stuck in a traffic jams

- This usually happen in Malaysia especially the urban area and big town,which annoys everyone.Mostly the traffic jams was create by some drivers which is too busy body about the accident happen on the other roadside, they slow down their car in order to look at the accident across the road, without thinking about others. Some traffic jams happen because of the number of cars way too much at certain hour especially during office hour. I will do anything in order to avoid this traffic jams. Usually if I drive, I will make sure that I am using the right road and never ever drive during office hour.

8) People that like to yell

- I am sick of this type of person, why you need to yell at others can you just talk nicely without yelling. Yelling will not solve your problems people, it make the problems getting worse. Besides, there are some people that used to talk loud and it sounds like yelling or shout, its really irritating to hear that, can you be more polite and talk with a nice tone or voice. People can understand what you are saying, they are not deaf.People might hate you because of this attitude that you have.

9) I hate to used public transport(bus)

- Yes, it is true. I never like public transport before,and the most I hate to used is bus. I never used bus since I was born. The first and the last I used was last year, that is because there is no one to send me to my art class, even the taxi driver is not available at that time. It really irritating to used bus because I need to walk to the bus station which is quite far from my house with all my things and surrounded by strangers, which really creepy, with all sort of smell.

10) I hate to tie up my hair

- The first reason why I hate to tie up my hair is because I feel that my hair cannot grow freely and naturally. Besides, it will make the texture of the hair become worse and may lead to hair damage. The hair will be easily brake and it will stop the growth of the hair. I just like the way my hair move and grow freely. It is quite hard to see I tie up my hair even a minute. Thus,never ever ask me to tie up my hair.

All the listed above is the 10 things that I hate the most in my life.

10 facts about Me,Myself & I

Friday, October 1, 2010

As given by both my lovely parents, my name is Diyana Izni. I took my first breath on November 10,1991. A nice day to be born, as that makes me a Scorpio. A girl that love to laugh. I always carry my laughter whenever I go and a smile will always be in my pocket. To me, each day I spent without a smile, is a lost day. Always proud to be myself and the only "Diyana Izni", I believe with myself and always put myself on top to make everything smooth and perfect, but that does not mean that I am selfish. My parents are my super duper hero. Apart from that there are 10 facts about me:-

1) I always need a companion to walk.

-Yes, it is true, I do not like to walk alone or being left alone behind. I will always make sure that someone are there to walk along with me. I always need a companion , if I was left alone I feel like I am the most loneliest person in this world. I do not want to be a loner at all.

2) I need a lollipop to think

-Yes, I am a big fans of lollipop. Lollipop will always in my pocket, because I love to eat it during thinking time to generate my idea I need my lollipop, and if I am not in the mood that day I will make sure that I take my lolly that time, because it will help me to release my bad mood. It is weird, but who care as long as I am not sugar addicted and take it under control, all of my closest friends and family know my addiction towards lollipop. My favorite flavor is strawberry with cream.

3) Red always be my first color.

-I have a good chemistry with red since I was kid.I never like other colors then red,that is what being told by my parents. Since I was in kindergarten I love Elmo so much, the character of sesame street. I still remember the first reason I love Elmo is because of the red color of the Elmo. During my childhood time, almost all of my thing are red in color, my parents also will make sure that they buy something reddish for me on my birthday and until now red will always be my favorite one. To me, when I wear something red it give me courage to do anything, and increasing my confidence level. After all red is the most fear color among all.

4) I love arts about tons of love

- I have a high taste towards arts, maybe because of the blood that flow in my body from my daddy and my grandpa.Since I was 4 years old I have started to learn the world of arts from my beloved grandpa, because he saw the potential on me. Almost all of my free time I will spend with my drawing blocks and colors until I went to sleep at that time.Apart from that, among all of my siblings I am the only one that creative and love art.By just learning from my beloved grandpa, I have attend 4 art contest and 1 of the contest is the Malaysia-Japan Competition under 15, during form1 but I guess luck was not on my side. At the aged of 17,I have to stop draw for a while in order to focus on my SPM because I am the science stream students so my parents worried if I spend a lot of time on my sketch book or my painting.Until now, I still continue my art works during semester break. I will continue my art work till the end of my life as I promise to my late grandpa.

5) I love the deep sea and aquatic life

- By seeing the ocean and the sound of the wave it help me to release all my stress and tension . Deep down the ocean, live the most beautiful creature, that not all of us can see it clearly. Since I was a child my parents used to bring us to different type of island for our vacation,at the end of the month.This is due to my daddy hobbies,scuba diving and swimming. It helps him to relax from all of his work. This is also the time, where all of us will gather and spend our time together. We still continue this hobby till now.I cannot doubt that I just like my dad, love the ocean life so much. I have a big dream which is to own my own house near by the beach one day as my vacation or relaxing house.

6) Music always be my best friend

- Everyone of us love music right? and each of us have different type of taste towards music.For me, I always need music before I went to sleep, in the shower ( at home only), jogging, and early in the morning. I listen to all type of music, pop,R&B,soul,jazz,hip hop and country too.It depends on my mood,but from all the listed genre, R&B is my favorite one. My favorite band is Ten 2 Five, I have all the album of this band. This band is from Jakarta,Indonesia, they are good in English, most of their song is in English. They have a beautiful voice and a good taste in music. Their lyrics are meaningful to me. My favorite song is "Love is You" and "Aku Untukmu" which is Me vs. High heels soundtrack.

7) I need a lot of pillow in order to sleep.

- That is so true, I cannot sleep without 4 pillows at leasts. Even at the hostel I bring 5 pillows from my house and yet there still 3 pillows left at my own room. I need all this pillow to give me a good sleep during night.Even my own parents did not know where did I get this type of habit. My mum keep saying that, she cannot imagine if I get married one day,where will I put my husband,haha :D . Tats funny.I need my bolster , 2 pillows to put my head , 1 for left side and the other 1 for right side. With all this pillow I will definitely sleep comfortably and did not need teddy bears or dolls to comfort me.

8) I will choose the color of my t-shirt according to my daily color chart.

- I have my own daily color chart at my house. It is round in shape, and there are variety of colors there, I will spin it and it will point at the color that I need to wear for that day.The reason I create this chart is because I am a cheerful type of girl and colors is an important thing to bright up my day.Besides, I always have a big problem to choose my color for each day, so I create this chart. I apply it daily at my house and it works on me. To me, every color have different meanings, for example apple green, greeny day, the color make me feel I want to do some outdoor activity today which near by the leaf and grass.

9) I have a serious allergy since I born

- This allergy I have it since I was born, the doctor said that I have a sensitive skins. I cannot live at the dusty environment because in just a few minutes my skin will start to turn red or pink in color and a rash will start to come out starting at my body and move to my hand,it really itchy and sometimes because I cannot stand anymore I will scratch it till it become blistered. I need to apply a special cream and eat the medicine to reduce the itchiness.That is why my mum will always make sure that our house will always clean and vacuum twice a day. For my room, my maid will clean up three times a day. It is not because I am the spoil child, it is because of my allergy. During my school time, I cannot seat near by the window or blackboard, my parents will inform my class teacher regarding my situation and since standard one until form five I never seat near by the window or blackboard. I am glad that now, this allergy did not turn worse and I am getting recovering from it, and I do not have any serious problem or need medicine anymore after I been injected when I was 12years old, just need to make sure that my surrounding are clean and hygiene is the important thing.

10) I am a big fan of roses.

-Rose is the most special and beautiful flowers in my eyes, there are white,red and black roses. They are the common color of roses. It is really easy to take care of roses compared to the other flowers. It is my love and passion, by seeing a rose it can melt my heart because of its beauty and uniqueness.Now a days, we can find variety type of roses because of the breeding process that have been done by the scientist and even the florist itself. This different type of roses can live with certain temperature only. One of my second biggest dream is to own my own roses shop with different type and color of roses one day. Among all of the roses in this world my favorite is "white hardy roses".

All the listed above is the true facts of me :)

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