I wish I can live in the sea :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
hye guys,what's up?! the story for today diary is my passion+soul+addiction towards water,sea,swimming and also scuba diving. I'm always out of control when I see the beach and swimming pool, I can't control my body from jumping in or dive in.teeheehe It feel "wow!" when I swim non stop with all my full strength and my body move smoothly along. If you are addicted to something you will definitely have the 'wow' feeling rite? that is what I feel when I start to swim. Yes! I'am addicted to water. Perhaps I can be a mermaid.haha :) Since I was a child I have been teach how to swim from my beloved Daddy and through my swimming class. At the age of 4 I have start my swimming lesson. Besides, swimming and scuba is one of my Dad favorite sport, I guess theres no doubt that I'm addicted to the water.hihi (^_^) During my childhood I have been to a lot of different island with different type of surrounding,wave, water &etc for our family vacation.So, I kind of familiar with all type of water.

I have my own goggle collection and some are lost during our vacation. The swimsuit also need to change once a year because of my physical change,but I still keep the old one as collection. The best thing when it come to swim is that you can leave all your stress and relaxing your mind inside the water. When you start to move your body you can't hear anything except the sound of the water and the sea creature, the body and water are combine together as one.


Apart from swimming and scuba I also have participate in canoe competition, it was the awesome experience! I never regret. Thanks to my friend who forcing me to joint her because she only need another one person to join that competition. At first I join without any basic about canoe at all, then my friend teach me almost everyday and time move way too fast. The first time I start to run on our canoe,both of my hand turns red and blistered, the skin between the thumb and the point finger torn apart in small size. The first experience always be the best lesson.

The best thing about canoeing is that you work in a team to win. Team spirit is the key people. hehe It was the best experience with another 11 crew. We won 2nd place that time. The first time joining and the first time winning was the best experience. A lot of strength needed.  I guess this is why I said I can't be separated from water :) half of my soul.

One of my biggest dream is to built my own house near by the beach where I can make it as my relaxing spot and vacation house as well. Even though it need a lot of cost but it really worth it, when I can live near by the water :) fulfill my passion. One day I will be one of those professional scuba diver ! : D

Coloring Contest

Monday, May 9, 2011
Both of my younger brother had participate in coloring contest for Go Green Campaign and I'm the lucky one to choose to accompanied both of them since my Dad need to meet one of his important client. While Mama been asked to accompanied Dad. Never mind :). we had a lot of fun there. Surrounded by kids with their adorable face. Aiman was excited that day and can't wait for the event to start, because of he way too excited. He forgot to bring the most important  thing, his COLOR BOX (-_- ') ! Luckily, the event was held in the hypermarket. I need to went inside to buy the color first . Oh Aiman~ At last the event start at 10 sharp with the registration stuff and all those thinggy ;)  I can't accompanied both of them since they are divided according to their age level. So, Hazim must go on his way and I accompanied this kiddo ;)

the excited face :D 

take his position ;)

Action 1:  tekunnya ;) my youngest brother.

Action 2 :color Aiman color! 

After 15 minutes........ 
Aiman: "  Kakak, Aiman penatla. Can you color for me? My hand sakit :( with his cute face along" hahaha ;D 
I can't stop laughing. "Cannot la, Aiman yang nak masuk. So, you must color till the end :) dear" . 

The tired face that must finish his work (hehe :D)
the dialog box in the picture also turn into blue in color.haha 

At last at 11 both of them finish coloring. They receive a certificate for participating and some goodies bag. Okla, at least you color till the end :) and never give up. 

The happiest one is Aiman.haha (^^,) because he finish at last.winkss! high 5 to you 2! 

My Come Back! Saya rindu blogging ging ging :)

Hey hey this is my come back! :)

After its been too long I didn't manage my "littlewhitebook" i kind of missed it :) . Its been 6 months i left you my diary. Here I come to share along the memory that I have collect in my memory jar(teeheehe).  So after 2010,here come 2011! a new year. the same dreams. a new wish.Here come my first story :)

Daddy had made a special surprise for all of us. 4days and 3 night vacation!  The place at first was a secret,when we ask where are we going Daddy? " secret. just follow my flow (with smiley face) " we keep guessing especially me. where is it? where is it? (-_- ?) While keep on guessing i didn't notice at all it been 45minute I fall asleep. As soon as I open my eyes "wow! the beach!",by that time my eyes keep on looking at the seaside. At last this is the surprise place. Port Dickson? Not too bad :) Daddy: " At first I plan to booked some where a little bit far from KL but I have meeting and since you need to went back to your campus as soon as possible I guess Pd just nice! :) " then we all said together " we love you and this surprise too! ". Then we check in to the resort and spend the whole evening at the beach behind our resort :) 4days and 3nights activity was awesome~

The smell of the ocean :)

Aiman found a sea shell :)

                                                            Aiman & Hazim

  Mama relaxing around 1hour ;)

Fara resting while waiting for Daddy.

It swimming time! :) swimming is my passion ~ professional scuba diver on her way~

This is the best shot by me. It sunset :) Theres daddy swimming far far away even I can't catch up way too deep there .

Run baby run(Aiman). This is my favorite pic among all :) again by me.

The eagle sign by Abang ( at last after 6shot) luckily you have the most patient sis,teeheehe ;).

The VIP room comfortable yet exclusive interior perfect package for our vacation :) 

P/S: sorry can't upload much pic coz they are too much picture,teeehee and I only choose to upload the most awesome one by me.

The sweetest vacation that make us laugh, smile , and share all the happier moment together as one happy family.Thanks to Dad which hardly make this surprise. 4days and 3 night at PD is awesome even we have went to a lot of island or beach around Malaysia,the near by not too bad at all to release the tension or stress from work. This is one of the sweetest memory with my beloved family. Tons of love peoples :) 

Memory is a way of holding onto things that you love, things that you are, 
things that you never want to loose especially the happiest moment. 
So, keep all the memory that you have in the biggest treasure box!  :) 

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