Coloring Contest

Monday, May 9, 2011
Both of my younger brother had participate in coloring contest for Go Green Campaign and I'm the lucky one to choose to accompanied both of them since my Dad need to meet one of his important client. While Mama been asked to accompanied Dad. Never mind :). we had a lot of fun there. Surrounded by kids with their adorable face. Aiman was excited that day and can't wait for the event to start, because of he way too excited. He forgot to bring the most important  thing, his COLOR BOX (-_- ') ! Luckily, the event was held in the hypermarket. I need to went inside to buy the color first . Oh Aiman~ At last the event start at 10 sharp with the registration stuff and all those thinggy ;)  I can't accompanied both of them since they are divided according to their age level. So, Hazim must go on his way and I accompanied this kiddo ;)

the excited face :D 

take his position ;)

Action 1:  tekunnya ;) my youngest brother.

Action 2 :color Aiman color! 

After 15 minutes........ 
Aiman: "  Kakak, Aiman penatla. Can you color for me? My hand sakit :( with his cute face along" hahaha ;D 
I can't stop laughing. "Cannot la, Aiman yang nak masuk. So, you must color till the end :) dear" . 

The tired face that must finish his work (hehe :D)
the dialog box in the picture also turn into blue in color.haha 

At last at 11 both of them finish coloring. They receive a certificate for participating and some goodies bag. Okla, at least you color till the end :) and never give up. 

The happiest one is Aiman.haha (^^,) because he finish at last.winkss! high 5 to you 2! 


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