A New Semester Begins

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
It was a lovely Saturday morning,the sky as beautiful as always,and the sunrise around 7:30am.3rd July 2010,my registration day. The highlight date in my diary,it was the busiest day ever.As soon as,we arrived at the main gate of my campus, I feel a little bit different there. It was like a new UiTM Segamat campus, with all the beautiful and colorful building, the surrounding looked alive :) that includes the college(hostel). All the main sector have been change. There are 3 sector, which is 'Sector A','Sector B'and'Sector C'.Sector A for college Taming Sari(TS) and Sempana Riau(SR), while Sector B for Mutiara and Baiduri, last but not least Sector C(ladies zone)where all the beautiful princess live here(Intan,Zamrud,Si Manja Kini(SMK), Sempana Alam Buana(SAB)and there you are,'SAB' my college.

A lot of changes have been made to my college,for an example the color of our building,the old color is likely pale and dull, but now SAB looked as greenish as an apple.We need to do our registration at Dewan Sri Peria(DSP) to know our room.Its like check into the hotel,but this one you don't need to pay for the room.Anyway, the registration when quite smooth for me, as the management was better then the past semester.

This semester my room have been change, in other word I need to move out from my original room since part 1 which is 130C, now i live in 210C, with a new roommate, my junior part 1.I feel a little bit nervous on my first day to enter my first class for this semester even we are already in part 3.

The first week move quite fast and I did not feel any pressure at all, but we have receive our first assignment from Sir Ismail for IMD201(Access to Information). I need to pass up my first assignment on week 3, which mean 2 weeks to go. Over all, the classmate still the same, same people with the same character only with the different out look. For the lecturer of courses,they are not the same lecturer anymore,some are familiar but never teach me before, and some lecturer are the new lecturer which I never seen before. This semester En. Mohd. Izuan B. Ismail is my BEL311 lecturer. That was the story for my first week of my new semester :)


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