Being a Senior

Saturday, July 31, 2010
This semester as I am in part 3, I officially senior to the juniors for part1&2. Being a senior is not that something to proud of, to me it just a "tittle" or "name" that we receive in order to gain some respect from the new comers.
There are always some barriers or rules between the senior and the junior.Junior as always must learn to respect the seniors as their brother or sister,as they are older then them and had a lot of experience. Thus, they should take this advantages to learn something new.

I did not create any rules for my junior like some of the senior done,to me the key here is "respect",if they respect me,for sure i'll treat them nicely,like my own sister or brother. This semester we have a lot of new comers in our campus, they are Pra-diploma and Diploma part1 students. Most of them look much older then us.


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