The Story of Ice-cream

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hello, everyone. For this week, I would like to share my post with all of you." The story of ice-cream". I believe when we still in kinder garden year,all of us must be craving for ice-cream most every day. For me, my desire towards ice-cream will never ends, I have a good taste of ice-cream.Even if you serve me with the most delicious and wonderful desert in the world, if its not ice-cream I'll definitely said "No!".

Ice-cream always be my desire because of it sweetness,coldness and the texture make me feel cold and calm when I eat it, if you truly enjoy your ice-cream you will definitely know what I mean.For me ice-cream will always be my first selection whenever I feel depressing, round the bend or moody ,it will cheer my day. Strawberry will always be my favorite flavor. Then, I will add on the strawberry syrup on top of my ice cream, it is the perfect mixture with the natural sweet and sour of the strawberry. This is the best way to overcome all of your stress or problems. You can only eat it in a small portion , too much ice-cream will make your brain freeze.


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